How Texas Christian University Uses LabStats

July 3, 2021 |  Case Studies
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Prior to LabStats, TCU never really had a way of collecting statistics.

Texas Christian University is a private university located in Fort Worth, Texas. It was established in 1873. It consists of eight colleges and schools and has a classical liberal arts curriculum. The university enrolls over 11,000 students.

Computer labs at TCU

Computer labs at Texas Christain University (TCU) are funded departmentally. Both IT teams and department heads were interested in seeing where specific applications were needed in specific labs, and where they weren’t.

Software and budgeting decisions

The team relied on application tracking to understand how software was being used in each lab. 

It was generally accepted that everyone needs general use and cost-efficient programs like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace. But they were especially interested in seeing the use of pricier applications, such as the Adobe Creative Suite and SPSS. 

These were considered optional applications, and the IT team questioned how many licenses were actually needed. With approximately 1,400 computers in over 100 labs across campus, how widely deployed did these applications need to be? 

“Application tracking showed us where money would be well spent, and where it would be wasted.”

Sean Gillaspy, Mac Lab Manager, Texas Christian University

Application tracking showed TCU where money would be well spent, and where it would be wasted. LabStats helped TCU run computer labs more smoothly and make budgeting decisions with each lab in mind.

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