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August 27, 2019 |  LabFind, Product, Students
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Because LabFind is powered by LabStats monitoring software, information like lab locations and hours of operation need to be set up first to appear in LabFind.

Students can use the LabFind mobile app to find an available computer on campus and get directions to it in an instant.

Because LabFind is powered by LabStats monitoring software, students will only be able to find computers that have the client installed. Information like lab locations and hours of operation need to be set up first to appear in LabFind.

Set up is easy, especially if you already have groups and schedules configured in LabStats. 

Setting up Groups

Students can use LabFind to search for the closest, least busy lab or the lab that’s open the latest. When students search for a lab in LabFind, the app displays information based on the enabled labs.

Groups in LabStats

Groups in LabStats are versatile, and can be used to identify physical locations of labs, departments, campuses or any organizational structure you set up.

Enable labs so they appear in LabFind

When you set up LabFind, you’ll need to identify the physical location of each lab, and then click to enable the ones you want to show to students.

To learn more about setting up groups and labs:



Creating and Assigning Schedules

When students search for an available computer in LabFind, the results include lab hours. Students can also search for labs that are open the latest when they have to cram for a test or pull an all-nighter.

Open and closed labs in LabFind

Lab hours show up in the schedule section of LabFind and are used in the background to filter search results. 

Schedules need to be created in LabStats and assigned to groups so they show up in LabFind. This is important even if your lab is open for twenty-four hours. Just set up a schedule from 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM so the lab shows as “open” in LabFind. Twenty-four hour labs without schedules set will not show up in LabFind.

Getting it Right 

Cleaning up your groups and schedules in LabStats makes all the difference in making LabFind a powerful tool for students. Get your campus ready for LabFind with these resources:

You can also schedule a LabFind Training to get one-on-one help setting up LabFind and getting your groups and schedules in order.

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