See exactly how your campus computers are being used

Data to support every campus IT decision

LabStats tracks software and hardware usage on campus. Usage data lets you optimize your IT spending, help students find what they need and properly allocate staff, software and hardware.

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Give students access to what they need, where they need it

Dynamically show students what’s available—remotely and on campus. Give students simple, easy, self-serve access.

Offer remote access, display live availability maps, and provide students with a mobile app that guides them directly to available resources—all with LabStats.

Powerful, secure, easy-to-use API

Build your own custom solutions with the same API we use, or augment your current tools with the full intelligence of LabStats live usage data.

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1000+ colleges and universities have trusted LabStats data to make decisions.

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A whole campus solution

Priced to fit college and university budgets, LabStats is just $8.40/license annually + set up fee. Site-wide licensing is available.