Show your students what they’ve been missing

Display available computers within walking distance on this free, customizable mobile app. Students can filter displayed labs based on busyness, hours of operation or available software.


Lead them to the right place

Direct students to exactly what they need. No more site-wide installations of expensive software for availability’s
sake. Improve the student experience without the site-wide budget.

Students search for specific software they need and are shown a list of available computers with it installed.



Navigate fast

Students can quickly navigate to the closest computer with step-by-step directions. LabFind utilizes the address or GPS coordinates from your computer labs and the default map tools on most phones for a seamless experience.


Branded for your school

LabFind is an extension of your student experience, so it should look like an extension of your branding. It’s easy to customize LabFind with your college or university’s logo and colors.



Get Started

LabFind is included in your LabStats subscription at no additional cost. If you don’t have LabStats yet, schedule a walkthrough.




February 22, 2021 |