Application Manager

New Updates

We are always trying to make LabStats more simple and easy to use. Our latest effort at that goal involves two updates:

The consolidated Application Manager now allows you to view all applications in one place, regardless of whether they are desktop or web-based. This streamlined page makes the application tracking process much easier (and supports an exciting new feature that is coming later this year).

Users & Logins Terminology
We’ve updated the terminology used within the LabStats Portal. Previously, the term “Login” was used as a reference to two different things and this caused some confusion. Now, we’re using two different terms, so an individual who logs into a computer will be known as “user” and their computer session will be known as a “login” session.

Share Your Success Story—How Do You Use LabStats?

We recently did a case study with New York University and presented it at SIGUCCS ( We have learned that the best way to understand the needs of our customers is to understand how all of our customers use LabStats. Each customer comes to LabStats to better understand their computer labs, but tracking utilization can be done in so many ways or for so many reasons. LabStats offers many ways and awesome features that can help you track your utilization.

We would love to hear how you use and what insights you gather through LabStats.

Visit and share your story with us.

New Support Articles

We have deployed a new feature many of you have asked for. We now have Group-Based Permissions. With the rollout of this feature, we have created a new article to support it. If you are using single sign-on you may want to read the updated articles as some changes have been made to permissions.

Enabling Single Sign-On in LabStats with Azure Active Directory