VMware VDI Support

Happy Holidays!

The entire LabStats team would like to join in wishing you a joyful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued partnership and support. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!

 VMware VDI Support Is Here!

 On December 9th, we released an updated version of the LabStats client for Windows. The update includes many enhancements, but most notably is support for VMware VDI environments. In most cases, your clients should automatically update to the latest version with no interaction from you. If you’re currently using a VMware VDI environment, please click the button below to view a support document with information about installing the client onto the virtual machine.

 LabStats + Theft Prevention

 A LabStats user recently shared an experience in which the Cloud-Based version of LabStats was used to help locate a missing laptop. The LabStats client is installed on every laptop at their university, so whenever a laptop is connected to the internet, it relays information back to the cloud. Laptops were made available for students to check out and use at home, but one laptop was due to be returned and never showed up. The university knew which machine it was, so they waited for the next checkin to reveal which user account had logged in. Once this information was known, the laptop was easily recovered.

While theft prevention is not a focus of LabStats, this was a unique way in which LabStats was used to help a university solve a serious problem. Have you found a unique use for LabStats? Tell us your story!

 Preventing User Lockouts

 After 6 failed login attempts, you may receive a notification that your LabStats account has been locked. You can prevent a lockout by using the “Forgot Password?” link to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

If after 6 failed login attempts you received a lockout message, please contact support to restore access. If your organization is using the Cloud-Based version of LabStats, our Support team can reset the lockout for you. If your organization is using the On-Premises version of LabStats, our Support team can provide your admin with a script to reset the lockout. If you’re not familiar with SQL, we’re happy to schedule a screenshare to demonstrate the process.