On-site Training Available

LabStats is very excited to be attending the following conferences in 2017. We always appreciate the opportunity to meet LabStats users face-to-face and have a bit of fun.
We hope to see you there!

THETA in Auckland, New Zealand on May 7-10
LabMan in Dayton, OH on May 31-June 2
DIDAC India in Mumbai, India on September 19-21
SIGUCCS in Seattle, WA on October 1-4

Development Update

As you know, machines deployed in computer labs are subjected to rigorous use. They typically run all day as users install various types of software, insert removable media, and disconnect or shut them down improperly. All of these things can cause corruption and contribute to problems, interfering with the way lab machines should perform.

This month, we’ve updated our client to greatly improve its ability to handle this type of corruption, so it’s able to continue reporting to the client server without needing to be fixed manually. This improvement is available now via the automatic client update. Plus, the client will gain
additional improvements in this area the next time it’s manually updated or installed through the installer.

Importing Groups in LabStats

Groups are an essential component of LabStats which are used to organize stations and enhance reporting. Groups can be added manually, they can be imported via an XSLX file using our Group Hierarchy Import, or by integrating with Active Directory. You can learn more about how to configure your group hierarchy to integrate with Active Directory by clicking the button below.

On-Site Training Available

LabStats appreciates each and every user. That’s why we want to make sure your organization is getting the most out of our product. We understand that you may benefit from a one-on-one training session to learn exactly how your unique organization can best use LabStats. To accommodate this, we’re currently offering on-site training to anyone interested. Contact your account manager for pricing details and scheduling.