Hardware Reallocation Walkthrough

Ready to Upgrade? Hardware Reallocation Walkthrough

Running a computer lab is a complicated job especially when you need to move or replace computers in a lab. Luckily, our Hardware Reallocation tool is here to help. We have created a walk-through to show you the in’s and out’s of Hardware Reallocation. In the article, we explain the differences between the three types of Hardware Reallocation: Replaced Hardware, Moved Hardware and Decommissioned Hardware and how to use them.

Let us walk you through the Hardware Reallocation wizard and show you how it works:

Hardware Reallocation

Maps: Making the Feature Yours

Maps, a LabStats feature, gives you the ability to personalize your lab maps to fit your environment. Maps provides real-time updates on computer availability in labs across campus. Students can access these updates and find a computer with minimal hassle or frustration.

Maps comes with basic tools such as computer icons and real-time updates on computer availability. But, map creation and design is up to you, leaving room for you to program the maps to fit your needs. Another feature included is the individual labels you can add to an icon: IP Address, Station Name or Hostname. This helps students or administrators identify the machines in a lab.

To learn the basics of how to setup your lab maps, click here: https://support.labstats.com/labstats/maps/