Moving to the New LabStats

We understand that summer is a very busy and important time as you prepare for the upcoming school year. If you’ve added new machines recently, feel free to reach out to our Sales team to obtain a quote for additional LabStats licenses and start the new year with a complete view of your utilization.

Moving to the New LabStats

Our LabStats Support team has been very busy this summer assisting users with their transition to the new LabStats. Many want to know how difficult the process is before they begin, and we can assure you that it’s easy and worth it! Here are some common questions that we’re asked about moving over to the new LabStats:

Q: Will I lose any data from my current version 5 install when I switch over to the cloud-based version of the new LabStats?
A: No, you will not lose any data. We will assist you with converting any existing data and moving it over to the new LabStats. You will be able to access version 5 data using all of the new reports included in the new LabStats.

Q: What is the difference between the cloud-based and on-premises versions of the new Labstats? Are they the same price?
A: Both versions include the exact same features, however, the cloud-based version benefits from instant upgrades over the web and easier maintenance. You no longer have to maintain your own server and SQL database, freeing up time and saving you money. The price is exactly the same for either version.

Q: Is setting up the new LabStats difficult?
A: Not at all. With the cloud-based version, we’ll send login credentials and a link to the web-based portal, then all you have to do is push out the new client to complete setup.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for application tracking or maps in the new LabStats?
A: The new LabStats is all inclusive, so application tracking, maps and all other features are included in the subscription price. Also, application tracking now includes web-based apps!

Q: How do I make the switch?
A: Contact your account manager for details. If you don’t know who your account manager is, just call 877-299-6241 or send an email to and we’ll get you in touch with the right person.

Development Update

The Development team has been busy all summer long working on exciting new features that will be added to the new LabStats soon. We’ll be releasing multiple brand new reports capable of providing even more answers to your questions.

While we’re putting the finishing touches on those new features, we wanted to let you know that with a little preparation right now you can get the most out of the new reports when they become available. We encourage you to place your stations in groups (you can even take advantage of the active directory integration and let it do the work for you). Also, be sure to tag your stations and users, then put those tags into tag groups. Feel free to use tags generously and be creative. Doing those things will allow you to get the most out of the new features when they arrive.

Contact our Support team if you have any questions about the suggestions mentioned above.

Feature Spotlight

A popular new feature included in the new LabStats is the ability to click and drill down to more detailed data without needing to run several reports. This helps you find the data you need much faster. Another popular new feature is the ability to use tags for users, stations and applications. These tags can be customized for any data set that you wish to use in the many reports available in the new LabStats. Below is an example of tag use

Tags can be imported via CSV or Excel spreadsheet. If you’re currently using version 5, your old data will be migrated when you switch over to the new LabStats and tags will be applied to that data.

If you wish to learn more about the many new features found in the new LabStats, just contact your account manager to schedule a personalized walkthrough!