LabMan 2017 and New Reports

Another Great LabMan Conference

 It was another successful year at LabMan in the books. We always look forward to LabMan.  It’s good to see familiar faces. We love our customers and always look forward to meeting you. Thanks for the amazing time.

Updated Support Articles

 We have several new articles outlining our reports providing more information on what you can gain from using them and how to run the reports. Below are links to four articles already released with more to come as additional reports are updated.

New Reports

 As you are likely aware, last year we rolled out a completely new reporting infrastructure which is faster, provides more analysis capabilities, and gives you more tools to see and share your data. Since then, we’ve been revamping our existing reports to utilize this new infrastructure to make them better than before. This month we added four more reports to this list and added one brand new report as well: Login History, User History (new), Power Session, Login Session, and Application Session. Be sure to check these reports out as they are available now. If you are using LabStats on-premises, you can download the installer from the Support Center at your convenience to receive this update (LabStats 6.0.70607.2).