New Website and Features Inbound

Launching a New LabStats Website

We are just putting the finishing touches on our new website and getting ready to publish it by the end of the week. We would love for you to check it out and give us some feedback. Does it have the information you think it should have? How does it look? Is the layout intuitive?

Thanks for all of your feedback.

New Features Coming

The development team has been working over the last couple months on multiple large scope projects. These new features will be ready and available for your use in the coming weeks so be sure to check our website’s news section or next month’s newsletter for more information.

Inactivity Mode

Some labs use a single generic user which stays logged in to a machine all day, with users accessing it periodically. LabStats offers inacivity mode for tracking usage in these labs. Inactivity mode will register a logoff after the machine has been inactive for a set amount of time. Here is an article with more information on using this tracking type.