New Feature Software Inventory

New Feature: Software Inventory

For well over a decade, LabStats has enabled you to track and analyze hardware and software usage throughout your organization. We have now added even more powerful capabilities that will allow you to get a broader view into your environment and open up brand new capabilities.

Introducing Software Inventory

Software inventory finds all the applications on the computers in your environment, even the software that isn’t being used.

Use this new capability to:

Discover what software is in your environment and where it can be found

Verify if any unapproved or vulnerable software is present so that it can be removed

Verify licensing compliance so you can remediate any issues or reduce purchasing costs

Ensure that the appropriate software and correct versions are installed where they are supposed to be

With support for both Windows and macOS, you’ll have a complete picture of your environment. This data is exportable in multiple formats so that you can disseminate and take action on it.

New Feature: Software Inventory

How Does Software Inventory Help You?

LabStats’ ability to identify how much an application is being used in a lab is one of its key features. Now, software inventory looks at not only the program usage but the versions of that program too. LabStats created this feature from customer suggestions. It’s now the one-stop shop for those looking to get more in-depth information on an application. you no longer have to look elsewhere for this capability.

This new feature has many uses depending on your goal. You can use it to clean up storage space, making the deployment process easier. You can find outdated software and drop it from a computer, or use the feature to track and get rid of viruses in programs. This will create a more productive lab experience for students, allow your labs to have up-to-date computers, and end troubleshooting issues. Go try it out and see what you can do with this exciting new feature!

LabMan 2018 at UMD

The LabMan Conference for 2018. LabStats has been involved with LabMan since 2005 and for most years has had the honor of supporting LabMan as the Premier Sponsor.

LabMan 2018 is hosted by the University of Maryland—College Park. The dates for the conference are May 22nd – May 24th. LabMan is a great conference to interact with colleagues from other universities and introduce LabStats to other departments within your university. We can all share ideas and work to create a better experience for the students who use our computer labs. If you are interested in getting more information about the conference or would like to register, then visit

We’ll be sending out more information soon about the fun things we have planned and the prizes we’ll be giving away!