New Message Center


We are excited to be attending SIGUCCS 2017 this year in Seattle. This year we will be fortunate enough to be helping present at one of the sessions. We are looking forward to meeting up with those of you that will be attending.

New Message Center

We are always working on new features and improvements to LabStats and each month we announce those in this newsletter. To improve on that communication, we’ve just added a new message center within the Portal and plan to also publish these announcements there going forward. Keep your eyes open, some highly requested features are coming soon.

Also, improvements have been made to the Active Directory integration which is used for automatically organizing your stations into groups. If you’ve been doing this manually, its a great time to integrate and let it do the work for you.

New Support Articles

Our support team has been hard at work adding new documentation to our support knowledge base. We have a new article about the Application Summary report which includes definitions of the options available within the report. Here is a link to the new article:

We are always looking to expand our support documentation, so if there is any feature or functionality of LabStats that you would like additional documentation on, please let us know at