The Importance of Usage Data

This November we’re very thankful for all of our LabStats users. We’d especially like to thank the organizations who joined the LabStats family in 2016. Welcome! We look forward to working with each of you!

 Development Update

 A growing number of users are discovering how powerful LabStats is, especially in the cloud. LabStats is constantly measuring technology usage, but do you know how much work it’s really doing? Last month alone, LabStats in the cloud recorded and cataloged 146 billion seconds of computer sessions. That’s equivalent to 4,631 years! The true power of LabStats is not in its ability to record events, but more importantly, it allows you to make sense of that mountain of data. No other product makes it easier to see trends and spot outliers, so no other product gives you such an accurate picture of hardware and software usage at your organization.

You’ve heard the phrase time is money, so if you had one penny for every second of recorded LabStats sessions, you’d have almost 1.5 billion dollars. If you stacked those pennies on top of each other, that pile would be 137,939 miles high, which is more than halfway to the moon!

 The Importance of Usage Data

 We have the privilege of talking to LabStats users every day, and it’s exciting to hear how important it is to them. Some users have even said that it’s impossible to make big decisions without LabStats because “the data is everything.”

We had the opportunity to visit a LabStats user in Boston last month and he shared that our software helped his organization save around $40,000 last year. Requests were made for new hardware for their labs, but before the IT Director made a decision, he quickly pulled some LabStats utilization reports. Those reports clearly showed that the labs were not being used enough to justify the cost of new machines, and he did not approve the requests.

LabStats prides itself on providing facts and hard numbers that can’t be found anywhere else. We’ve been busy upgrading our users to the new LabStats and we’ve received very positive feedback about all the new reports and features that are being added. If you haven’t upgraded to the new LabStats yet, please let us know so we can answer any questions you may have.

On-Premises Update Available

A new update for our On-Premises users is now available. Please contact our Support team for access to the installer and installation instructions.

This build includes a new, separate database called the “data warehouse” which all new reports will run against. The new reports will report everything gathered until midnight the previous night.