Application Summary and New Report Names

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Development Update: Application Summary

Last month, we published our 5th brand new report, the Application Summary. This report can be used to view and compare aggregate application usage statistics. Use application tags and tag groups to aggregate data even further and gain insight into how applications are really being used. As is standard with all new reports, the Application Summary takes advantage of all the great features in the new reporting infrastructure which was announced just over a month ago.

New Report Names

We’ve changed many of the LabStats report names to make them more descriptive and improve consistency. We understand that this could make it difficult to find some of the reports you’re used to running, so we’ve put together a helpful guide that can be seen below. This guide can also be found in the Support Center, or by clicking the button below.

Login Counts Chart
Max Concurrent Usage Chart
Average Daily Utilization Chart
Average Weekly Station Utilization Chart
Average Login Counts Chart
Active Session Counts Chart
Login Enumeration Report
Login Session Export
Summary Report
Application Summary Report
Application Charts
Application Utilization
Application Session Export
Station Enumeration Report
Inventory Report
Power Session Export
Point in Time Report
A – B Comparison Report
Lab Status Chart

Login History
Peak Usage History
Average Usage History by Day
Average Usage History by Week
Average Login History
Active Session History
Login Comparison
Login Sessions
Removed (Replaced by Login Summary)
Login Summary by Group
Login Summary by Station
Login Summary by User
Application Summary
Application Launch History
Application Usage History
Application Sessions
Station Comparison
Inventory Breakdown
Power Sessions
Usage History
Point in Time
A-B Comparison