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Contest Results

Last month we reflected back on the success of the 2017 year. The LabStats cloud was used to track a record number of computer sessions and we decided to hold a contest and give each of you the opportunity to guess just how much it was used. We offered some clues because we knew it would be hard to know where to begin, and we were surprised at how close some of you got. So are you ready for the answer to the contest?

In 2017, the LabStats cloud was used to track

389,775,824 million hours

of computer sessions in North America alone.

Alex Schumacher of Biola University had the winning guess and was only off by only 10,003 hours. Congratrulations Alex—enjoy your free lunch on us!

On-Site Visits

We love to help our clients more than anything. Whether that is helping with a technical issue or even just pointing you in the right direction to find the correct report you are looking for, we are eager to make certain you have the information you need. We want to offer the opportunity for an on-site visit with us and extend an invite to neighboring campuses that haven’t heard of LabStats to join and introduce them to how you use it. This is a great way for you to receive some on-site training while helping to spread the LabStats love to neighboring campuses.