A New Reporting System

 Last week, we released a major update to LabStats which included new reports, dozens of new features, and many bug fixes. This big release was in development for five months and will be the last deploy of its size as we shift to a faster delivery method for future updates.

From now on, we’re following the standards set by other leading software companies by continuously delivering updates, enhancements, and fixes as soon as they are available. We will no longer be delaying the delivery of individual updates to produce a large release. Instead, we’ll be delivering each update as it is completed. We’re excited about this new approach and how it enables us to move the LabStats product forward even faster than before.

Two New Reports

 The Usage History Report shows the usage of computers and labs as a percent of availability over time. You can observe trends spanning just a few minutes, or spread out over many years. Powerful comparison options allow you to view and compare utilization at the machine level, group (lab) level, or by using tags.

The Login Summary Reports allow you to view and compare aggregate usage statistics of users, stations, or groups (labs) during a specific time period. Station and user tags can be used to gain even deeper insight into the diverse ways your stations are being used.

A New Reporting System

 The reports described above were made possible by a powerful new reporting system that was built from the ground up. This reporting system includes exciting new features, like a data warehouse that stores session data in an optimized format for faster reporting and more complex analysis. The addition of many new filters allows for more precise results. New data format changes allow you to change the unit of measure to minutes, hours, or days depending on your individual needs. Those new features are exclusive to the Usage History Report and Login Summary Reports, however, all existing reports will eventually be revamped using the new reporting system and take advantage of the new capabilities.

Now Is a Great Time to Upgrade

 We hope the new school year is off to a great start for all of our LabStats users. For those still using LabStats 5, now is a great time to upgrade to the new LabStats and take advantage of the new reports, features and improvements for the remainder of the school year. If you’re interested in obtaining a quote or seeing a walkthrough, please contact our Sales team by emailing sales@labstats.com or calling 877-299-6241. We look forward to hearing from you!