Duke University

We were looking to conserve resources and gain statistical information from our many different lab types across campus. We had not found a suitable solution until we were introduced to LabStats. LabStats helped us make decisions for our labs based on computer and application usage by location. The data collected has helped us conserve resources by allowing us to focus our upgrades and support in locations that have high usage or specific application usage.

Binghamton University

We needed a means of tracking the usage of the 600+ computers in our public labs. LabStats provided us with user login and duration statistics in our various computer labs so we could demonstrate to administration when and how our labs were being used.

University of Wisconsin–Madison

We had no way of organizing and collecting statistics. We have been able to view real-time reports on our labs. LabMaps helped us know how many seats were needed in a lab and justify the number of computers we keep in a lab. It also allows us to see when something is wrong with a computer right away so we can fix the problem in a timely manner. LabStats Support has been great as well. Whenever we talk to them, they always provide great support and have kept all problems to a minimum.

Minnesota State University–Mankato

Our Academic Computer Center had grown to 30 different labs, and it was becoming impossible to take headcounts. We would take that head count information, manually key it into a spreadsheet, and then manually generate usage graphs. The LabStats software was designed with every feature we needed: user tracking, lab usage graphing, and real time stats. They have created a complete, reliable software package that has been extremely well-supported and backed by a professional support team. They have been great to work with.

The University of Southern Mississippi

I needed to find a way of tracking the applications that students were using. With LabStats I was able to take care of my initial problem, and find solutions to others. The ability to provide students with real-time computer lab status was actually one of the features that helped make the decision to invest in LabStats. In addition to helping students know which labs have open seats, LabStats has saved us money on software licenses that we have discovered we just don’t need.

Wright State University

We needed something to give us accurate data. To obtain lab usage statistics, we would do headcounts every half hour. This took a lot of time, and there was a large margin of error. LabStats has turned manual head-counting into a simple automated task. We are able to get numbers for exactly how many people have utilized our computers, and how many times those users logged in. This has helped us show how often our systems are being used by our patrons. LabStats is one of the best vendors we have dealt with. The support is always quick and helpful, and the products always work as they should. In addition to the good support, each new software release includes new and useful features.