Use our powerful and flexible API to create discoverability tools that
help you achieve campus-wide goals and make your job, and
students’ lives easier.



Support student success

Show your students which computers are available on campus, filtered by lab busyness, hours of operation, and available software.



Improve the student experience without site-wide deployment

Use LabStats data to evaluate true demand of software in your computer labs, then direct students to the resources they need. No more site-wide installations of expensive software.




Create useful navigation tools

You can create navigation capabilities that get students to the nearest technology that fulfills their needs using step-by-step directions. Utilize the address or GPS coordinates from your technology centers and student phones’ default map tools for a seamless experience.






Build it and brand it your way

Using your on-campus application-building expertise, or partnering with higher-education-experienced 3rd parties, like Modo Labs, our data can help you create discoverability solutions that answer questions your students have every day.



Get Started

Put our API to work at and get usage data in a simple, developer-friendly way, enabling the creation of great technology discoverability tools.


Also see our Direct Data Access capabilities for more opportunities to use LabStats’ data to achieve campus-wide and student success goals. The possibilities are endless.

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July 31, 2023 |