Direct Data Access

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Data The Way You Want It

  • Direct access to hardware and software usage data allows the use of powerful and flexible BI analytic tools
  • Years of data, in one visualization, can be combined with other data sources to uncover actionable insights

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Share Powerful Insights

  • Data rich reports and dashboards provide knowledge that can be shared with decision makers, and others, formatted the way they need it
  • Report and alert automation saves time and delivers information needed to answer emergent questions

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Power BI Dashboard Templates

Our ready-to-use Power BI Software and Hardware Dashboard Templates are a quick-start option to advanced analytics at scale

  • Software Dashboard – Manage and optimize license expenditures with knowledge of when, where, and how applications are used
  • Hardware Dashboard – Make meaningful location and allocation decisions with knowledge of where and when hardware is used
  • Combined with a full LabStats deployment, our Dashboards tell the story behind every device and application, supporting organization-wide goal achievement

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Software Usage Template

Labstats Direct Data Access Hardware Template

Hardware Usage Template

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Existing LabStats Users

Direct Data Access and Power BI Dashboard Templates are included in your LabStats’ subscription. Schedule a tutorial to learn how to combine LabStats data with other data sources in your BI tools, or to get a quick start using our new Power BI hardware and software dashboard templates!

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New LabStats Customers

All of LabStats capabilities, including Direct Data Access and Power BI hardware and software dashboard templates are available to new and existing subscribers. We support lab, department, and campus-wide initiatives. Click below and get acquainted with our capabilities, benefits and affordable pricing!

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