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Why Track Higher Education Hardware and Software Usage

Learn how to leverage hardware and software usage data to support institution-wide goals. Answer common questions that higher ed CIOs face, such as:

  • What IT assets and software can be tracked?

  • What data points can be collected and why are they important?

  • What other goals can IT asset tracking help me achieve?

  • How can IT leaders combine data to gain further insights?

  • Who can benefit from better understanding of IT asset usage in higher education?

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5 Key Initiatives for IT Decision Makers in Higher Ed for 2024

This eBook helps uncover concrete ways your peers and industry thought leaders are aligning projects and spending with game-changing strategies that include:

  • Aligning IT projects with campus-wide goals for student success

  • Maximizing agility to alleviate budget pressure

  • Making data-driven decisions the status quo

  • Sustaining innovation in a changing world

  • Discovering how AI and emerging technology can support core initiatives

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