Find Excess Software Licenses in 3 Steps

July 11, 2022 |  BI Reports, Data
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See how easy it is to find unused software licenses with the LabStats Power BI Dashboard Template.

Why do we focus so much on monitoring, reporting and optimizing software deployment?

Because after working with thousands of universities around the world, we’ve seen that over-deployment of software puts the biggest strain on budgets and is incredibly easy to solve.

LabStats automatically monitors the most common 200 software applications, and adding more is simple. So with all that data, how do you find the least used licenses?

We recommend using the new Software Usage Power BI Dashboard Template to analyze large amounts of data over extended periods of time. 

How to find excess software licenses in Power BI:

  1. Open the Software Dashboard Template in Power BI
  2. Open the 2nd tab: Peak Concurrent Application Usage 
  3. In the Application Usage table, click on the Application Utilization (%) column header  to sort the list by descending (arrow will point down)

The software applications at the top of the table should be the ones with the least usage, and therefore able to be reduced.

Note: Install counts are updated daily and represent the data that is installed right now. Software installed using the Windows Sandbox is not currently detected as it exists in a protected location on the computer. (A future improvement is in the works which includes software installed from the Windows Store and Universal Window Platform (UWP) apps. Please note that install counts for this software may be underrepresented and this can lead to utilization percentage greater than 100%.)

How to find where excess software licenses are installed: 

  1. Open the third tab: Peak Concurrent Usage by Group
  2. Sort by Peak User Count
  3. Selecting the application title in the Application column will show a breakdown of usage by top level group
  4. Select a group to see the sub-groups activity  

Interested in learning more about finding excess software licenses? Contact LabStats Support.

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