Our Story

LabStats has been trusted by over 1,000 colleges and universities all over the world to help monitor and report on campus computer lab usage. LabStats has been the preferred hardware and software tracking solution among higher education IT professionals for over 15 years, and it keeps getting better.


The first version of LabStats revolutionized the way computer and application usage statistics were collected in networked IT environments. For 15 years our experienced software developers have continued to improve our product using feedback provided by our incredible user base. Now, LabStats is better than ever at providing the usage statistics colleges and universities need to make the best possible decisions about their computer labs.


LabStats not only strives to have the absolute best product available, but we aim to provide unmatched customer service as well. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff work hard to quickly answer questions and resolve any concerns our users may have. We truly care about each and every LabStats user and we look forward to speaking with them over the phone, or seeing them at the conferences we attend each year.


Call, email, or stop by our booth. We’d love to learn more about your organization and chat about the many ways LabStats can help improve your computer labs.

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