Backing Away from Fall Reopening Plans

August 24, 2020 |  Product, Remote Access
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Provide constant access to technology resources whether students are on campus or at home.

None of us were prepared for spring semester, but we made it work. 

When colleges and universities began to shut down in March, IT teams moved mountains to transition classes and resources to online formats. Everyone was working in the same direction with the same goal–to connect students to remote resources now. 

Fall semester is a whole other ballgame.

Over the summer we heard a myriad of plans for fall semester: fully online programs, socially distanced classrooms, hybrid options, free choice to attend in person or online, etc. And in addition to the range of plans that were announced, alternative plans gave colleges and universities even more flexibility should local health situations change.

Well, plans seem to be changing.

Flexible. Nimble. Responsive. That’s the name of the game now.

As colleges and universities prepare to reopen for fall semester, instruction formats are changing at breakneck speeds. Some schools who intended to return to in-person classes are quickly reverting to remote delivery. Others who welcomed students back were forced to send them home within weeks. Most of the changes in fall plans are due to the ongoing public health situation, and likely to continue to evolve in the weeks and months to come.

Whether your school is moving forward with your fall semester plan A, B, C, or creating a new one on the fly, online classes and remote access to campus resources will play a significant role.

Constant Access

The change in return to campus plans can disrupt student access to necessary computers and software on campus. Even if students have their own or loaned laptops, they may need access to specialty software like Adobe and SPSS that’s usually provided in campus computer labs. 

Colleges and universities can provide constant access to campus machines whether students are on campus, in temporary isolation, or at home. 

Remote Access Dashboard

The Remote Access Dashboard surfaces a list of available computers for students to log into remotely, but more importantly, it’s a constant access point. Students don’t have to worry about figuring out when and where they can use computer labs if they’re always accessible remotely. 

The dashboard provides a user-friendly way for your students to find an available computer so they can connect via VPN, RD Gateway, RDP, VNC and other connections.

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Whether your return-to-campus plans are panning out or not, you can keep your students connected to vital campus technology. 

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