Big Picture Thinking with Whole Campus Insights

May 4, 2022 |  BI Reports, Data
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Get insights for your whole campus with comprehensive computer monitoring software.

Higher education orgs are becoming more focused on student needs and are leaning into big picture thinking. IT teams have led the way to creating more agile and comprehensive solutions to keep students, faculty and staff connected to tech resources whether on campus or at home.

Computer lab monitoring software has also come a long way. From its humble beginnings in university computer labs, LabStats is the industry leading, whole campus solution for collecting data on hardware and software use in higher education.

Houston Griffith, of Virginia Commonwealth University, recently shared his experience working in higher ed IT for over a decade:

“There’s a shift away from doing things that are smaller scale and thinking more about the big picture.”

Houston Griffith, Senior Manager of Labs and Classrooms Computing, Virginia Commonwealth University

With detailed usage data and powerful reports, IT teams can now see how different users are interacting with technology in more than just a single computer lab. They can get an overview of usage across multiple campuses, focus in on a single classroom, and even track how users are remoting into specialty labs while campus is closed. This empowers CIOs to scale solutions and allocate budgets according to actual use.

Usage data also reveals how different places on campus are meeting–or not meeting– user needs. It can reveal a need for more or less loaner laptops, kiosks, high performance machines, and more. Consider all the insights IT teams could gain from a comprehensive computer monitoring solution.

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Who can benefit from computer monitoring?

The benefits of computer monitoring can reach a wide range of stakeholders on campus:


When student-facing computers are monitored, that data can be used to improve the student experience by making computers and software easier to find and more tailored to students’ actual needs. It can also open up budget for newer solutions like loaner laptops, remote access technologies and specialty high performance resources.


Professors typically receive blanket solutions for hardware and refresh schedules, regardless of what they really need. However, usage data can inform more specific solutions to ensure every professor, TA and faculty member has the hardware and software they need most. Why upgrade their desktop when they really need a new laptop?


Whether it’s the central IT team or individual departments, usage data can be a key tool in improving efficiency. Managers can verify the need for requested software, simplify refresh schedules and improve the accuracy of IT resource planning in annual budgets when provided with accurate usage data.

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It’s time to start collecting data and getting insights for your entire campus. Whole-campus solutions are available for LabStats, so you can see what’s happening on student-facing machines, public computer labs, staff desktops and more. 

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