Cloud vs. On Premises Monitoring Software

February 5, 2021 |  Data
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LabStats is available in the cloud and on premises; learn the difference.

Computer monitoring software gathers usage data to help you make informed decisions. Monitor when, where and how long students are using computers and software on campus machines, whether they’re physically in a computer lab or accessing a computer remotely.

With LabStats monitoring software, you can pull reports to see valuable usage data, including:

Hardware Usage Reports

  • Summary of logins by location, user or machine
  • Average number of logins on a single computer, lab or classroom
  • Peak times computers or labs are accessed
  • Inventory of computers

Software Usage Reports

  • Summary of application usage
  • A historical timeline of application launches
  • Application utilization history
  • A list of application sessions
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LabStats is most effective when deployed throughout the campus on every student-facing computer. It’s priced affordably to fit college and university budgets. Pricing is the same whether you use LabStats cloud version (recommended) or the on-premises version. 

Which LabStats do you need?

LabStats CloudLabStats On Premises
LabStats Support includedLabStats Support included
Control access with user permissionsControl access with user permissions
Get new features instantlyGet new features during scheduled upgrades
Automatic updates and bug fixesManual updates and bug fixes
No servers requiredRequires web and database servers on site
Easy set up, only one lab manager needed to get startedSet up may require other departments and stakeholders to set up local servers(Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Purchasing Dept, etc)
Systems monitored 24×7 by Microsoft & LabStats engineers for security & for high availability (low downtime)No monitoring 
World class security, privacy, and compliance
Real-time physical and virtual threat protection
Geo-redundant data backups includedBackups must be on site
Access from anywhere in the worldAccess via local servers only
Minimal staff time requiredLabor-intensive to set up and manage

See pricing details.

Hidden Costs of On-Premises Solutions

Whether you use the on-premises version of LabStats or another on-premises solution, it’s important to weigh the hidden costs:

  • Staff time to set up and manage
  • Server hardware and licensing
  • Server maintenance (Windows updates, security updates, etc.)
  • Time to upgrade

Both versions of LabStats help you track real-time usage for remote and in-person stations so you can identify cost-saving opportunities.

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