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July 9, 2018 |  Data
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Computer lab monitoring software can provide useful statistics to improve computer labs on college campuses.

Statistics gathered through computer lab monitoring software provides real-time data that aid in the upkeep and productivity of a computer lab. Computer monitoring software like LabStats provides a variety of statistics to cover different scenarios. This gives lab managers the data they need. Each university campus may have many different types of computer labs. Also, every computer lab requires statistics to understand if it is functioning effectively. Some labs may only need basic information such as peak usage, lab location, availability and number of active users. Other labs need an in-depth look at software and hardware usage to determine how many licenses and machines they need. Universities invest a lot of money to get resources for students. It is crucial for them to know if those resources are used—Universities need a computer lab monitoring software. LabStats has identified a few common statistics that universities often desire.

LabStats’ breaks their statistic reports into four main categories. These four categories help organize the methods through which LabStats gathers computer lab statistics: Login Reports, Application Reports, Station Reports, and Miscellaneous Reports. LabStats is constantly improving its reports library which may result in changes to reports or the addition or removal of reports.


The Login Reports category contains the most report variety. It encompasses data gathered on items like summaries of users, stations or groups that have logged in. It shows a timeline of active sessions, login history, and usage history. With these reports, you can answer questions like the following:

  • Which students are using computer lab computers?
  • Which computer lab computers are being used?
  • How long do students generally stay on a computer for?
  • How often do students use computer lab computers?
  • Do I have enough computers in my computer labs?
Login Summary Report | Computer Lab Monitoring Software
Max Concurrent or Peak Usage Report | Computer Lab Monitoring Software


Application reports look at the applications installed throughout a lab. This can apply to a single machine or a whole lab. Application reports consist of a summary of the session, history of its launch and usage and a list of total sessions over a given period of time. With these reports, you can answer questions like the following:

  • Which applications are being used?
  • How often is an application being used?
  • Which machines do students use to launch a particular application?
  • Are students using a free alternative to expensive software?
Application Sessions Report | Computer Lab Monitoring Software
Application Utilization Report | Computer Lab Monitoring Software


The Station Reports category consists of inventory breakdown and power usage sessions. With these reports, you can answer questions like the following:

  • How many Computers do we have that run Macintosh vs. Windows?
  • How many Laptops vs. Desktops?
  • How long has a computer been turned on for?
Computer Lab Inventory Report - Model and Form Factor
Computer Lab Inventory Report - Operating System
Power Sessions Report | Computer Lab Monitoring Software

Ways customers use reports varies by university and need. But, Computer Lab Monitoring Software, and the data that it provides, is necessary for every scenario.

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