How to Optimize Computer Lab Hours

Computer lab hours are often overlooked, but a few small changes can add up to big savings at the end of the year and improve student experience.

Rather than setting lab hours and forgetting them, consider optimizing hours based on usage. With LabStats, you can easily track usage and spot trends to answer questions like:

  • Does the library lab need to be open late the week before finals?
  • Can I close smaller labs early on Fridays?
  • Does the Math lab need one or two assistants?

Use the following reports to determine the best schedule for your computer labs.

Use Quick Reports:

See when your labs get the most traffic, and schedule open hours around busy times. If a lab is consistently at 80-90% usage, increase open hours or direct students to other labs. If a lab is at 0-20% usage (outside of weekends or holidays) reduce open hours.

Use the Peak Usage History report to quickly see when your labs should be open longer or closed sooner.

Dive Deeper with Advanced Reports:

Use a combination of the following three reports to get detailed information about lab usage. This is especially helpful for schools with tight budgets and savings goals.

  • Start with an overview of lab traffic over a whole semester to see when students use your lab the most and least, with the Peak Usage History Report.
  • Then drill down to see the average activity level for each day of the week with the Average Usage History by Week Report.
  • Finally, see the average time of day that your lab gets the most use with the Average Usage History by Day Report.

Follow the step by step guide on our support page, or schedule a one-on-one tutorial to learn how to get valuable insights for your school.

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