How to Track Computer Lab Usage On Campus

When questions arise about your computer labs, it’s tempting to try to answer them as quickly and cheaply as possible.

  • How many students use computer labs on campus?
    • Have a lab manager manually track students as they enter the lab.
  • Which students are logging in the most?
    • Write a script to collect the information, then export it to Excel.

But over the long run, using staff time and building custom solutions aren’t quick or cheap.

“Before getting LabStats, our solution to lab tracking was a homegrown system where active directory scripts would write to a database and record logins. The result was a lot of usernames and numbers that, if we wanted to create a chart for them, we had to export the information ourselves into an Excel document and the whole process was pretty clunky and time consuming.”

Jason Leichner, Lab Manager at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

LabStats provides a simple and straightforward method of tracking university computer lab usage. Data collected with LabStats is:

  • Efficient – Collected automatically and available immediately
  • Accurate – No need to worry about human error
  • Extensive – Get a wide range of data on stations, applications, and users
  • Digestible – Clear reports make it easy to understand the big picture and spot trends
  • Meaningful – Focus on the data that answers your questions
  • Compliant – Data management should be compliant with FERPA, GDPR and industry best practices

The initial setup couldn’t be easier, just install and deploy the client, set up groups by computer lab or location, select the applications you want to track and create your lab schedules. Within a week you’ll be able to see which computers are the most and least used.

Schedule a walkthrough to see how LabStats can work for you.

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