LabStats Major Update Has Launched

September 17, 2020 |  Data
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LabStats just got more stable and scalable, it’s time to update now.

LabStats provides insights into hardware and software usage via a lightweight piece of software installed on campus computers. This software is called the client, and it runs in the background of computers. The client collects usage data and funnels it into reports in the LabStats Portal. It’s basically what makes your LabStats reports work, and it’s getting a big upgrade.

If you’re using the cloud version of LabStats, you know that most updates are automatic, and happen often. But this update is so big–and so essential, that all Windows computers will need to be manually updated with the new LabStats client.

This update affects:

The new client provides better data collection, a smoother process for onboarding and rollout, and added support for macOS Catalina and Big Sur.

With the updated client, you can expect:

  1. Simpler installs at scale and a standards compliant installation for mass deployment (MDM) tools 
  2. Ability to install for virtualization (and a few other things) via an installer file and auto-generated script 
  3. The installer page now includes support documentation; if you get stuck, help is built right in
  4. The installer file size is much smaller, so it’s faster and uses less of the your network to rollout and update 
  5. Even more secure, meeting best practices for app security
  6. New macOS Catalina and Big Sur support

If you already have LabStats installed on campus computers, here’s what you need to know about the update:

New Windows Requirements

If you’re using MDM (mass deployment) tools to automatically install the LabStats client throughout your Windows environment, you may need to change your tool’s detection methods for the client and the version it is running (note: the client did not previously report a new version number to Windows after an upgrade, but now it does). The minimum system requirements have changed from 4.5 to .NET 4.8.

On January 31, 2021, usage data will stop reporting to LabStats and will not be available for reporting. That means that no Windows data will be available for reporting, LabMaps, LabFind or the Remote Access Dashboard and none of these features will work as expected until the new clients are installed. 

It’s important that you stop auto deploying the old client.

New Mac Requirements

For Macs, the minimum system requirements have changed from Mountain Lion 10.8 to macOS 10.9 Mavericks

How to Update

This one-time, manual update is only required for Windows computers. Macs do not need to be manually updated.

Log into the Portal, go to the “Admin” tab. In the dropdown, click on “Client Downloads.” Follow the instructions to complete the download for your environment.

Once you update the client, don’t forget to update your MDM tools and deployment image.

All clients need to be updated by January 31st.

Questions About the Update?

Visit the LabStats Client Changes FAQ.

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