Over 200 Schools Worldwide Are Using the Remote Access Dashboard

June 9, 2020 |  Product, Remote Access
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In just 2 short months, over 200 schools have adopted the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard.

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard has quickly become an essential tool for colleges and universities worldwide. 

Countries with colleges or universities using the Remote Access Dashboard
States with colleges or universities using the Remote Access Dashboard

The LabStats Remote Access Dashboard is a dashboard that students can use to find and remote into an available computer on campus. 

The dashboard shows a list of available computers, and provides a mechanism for students to remotely log into a computer. There’s no special knowledge needed, students just follow a set of simple instructions that are custom to the school’s unique environment to log in.

Students can use their personal Chromebook, laptop, home desktop, or a rented or loaned computer to gain secure access to powerful campus machines and specialty software, from the safety of their homes. 

How it Works

The Remote Access Dashboard advertises to students which computers are available to remotely connect to (those computers that are powered on, are connected to the internet, and are not in use by a student). Unavailable computers do not show on the dashboard, which is updated automatically in real-time.

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The dashboard randomizes the computers that it shows to students to spread the load out across available machines and prevent two students from trying to use the same computer at the same time. 

Then the Remote Access Dashboard gives the student a “Connect” function, where that individual is given an RDP connection file, which is used to establish an RDP connection, or an approved alternative connection method. 

The tool runs on LabStats real-time usage data, so universities wanting to use the tool will need to have LabStats installed on the machines they wish to make available to students. 

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Next Steps

Over 200 colleges and universities have already adopted the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard to support students whether they return campus or continue the semester from home. 

We’re committed to supporting you in your efforts to connect students to critical campus resources while maintaining the highest standards of data security. 

If you have any questions about sharing live availability of computers to remote students, we’re here to help. Schedule a walkthrough, or if you already have LabStats on your campus, go to the LabTools tab and click on “Remote Access” to get started.

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