Saving Money and Keeping Faculty Happy with Data

LabStats was designed to track how students use computers, but there’s also huge benefits to tracking faculty computer usage. From budget savings to keeping faculty happy, here’s why you should include staff computers in your LabStats reports.

Get the data you need to make decisions

  • Track usage to determine if more or less resources should be provided
  • Track university laptops to ensure appropriate use, even if off campus
  • Verify appropriate usage of equipment (are students or multiple staff logging in?)
  • Check to see if staff are leaving computers powered on, logged in and idle over weekends or holidays

Increase IT department efficiency

  • Prioritize which computers to refresh and update based on highest usage
  • Reduce image size by removing unused software
  • Quickly see software installed on each machine in a simple, exportable list
  • Get a quick overview of hardware and software use without configuring complex reports

Maximize IT budget

  • Avoid supporting and refreshing unused equipment  
  • Focus updates and resources on the hardware and staff members that use school-provided equipment the most
  • Save budget dollars by removing excess software licenses

Improve faculty experience (and avoid complaints)

  • Provide heavy users with the support and updates they need
  • Provide wish-list hardware and software with overall budget savings

To learn more about tracking student and faculty computer usage, schedule a walkthrough.

Stop Guessing and Start Saving Today