February 5, 2021 | Product

What makes LabStats stand out from the competition?

Discover why LabStats is the market-leading tool for monitoring and reporting on computer lab usage in higher education.

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It’s tough to compare LabStats to other computer monitoring and data applications, and here’s why.

Origin Story

Like any great superhero, LabStats’ origin story drives every daily move. We started out in a university computer lab, with one guy trying to find a better way to do his job. 

The first version of LabStats revolutionized the way computer and application usage statistics were collected in networked IT environments. Over 15 years later, we’re still working everyday to make it easier for IT managers, CIOs, computer lab assistants, and all those working in higher ed IT to make data-driven decisions.


Our pricing goes back to our roots. We’re higher-ed focused, always have been. That’s why our pricing is straightforward and designed for college and university budgets (full pricing details).

LabStats works best at full scale, when you can get insights into not just one computer lab or one department, but every student-facing computer on campus, multiple campuses, staff and faculty computers and even machines used for remote learning. 

This affordable per-client model is designed to enable colleges and universities to roll out LabStats computer monitoring software campus-wide. The more usage data you can easily access, the better decisions you can make around budgets and student experience. 

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LabStats Technical Support

Technical support isn’t just included, it’s encouraged. 

Over the last few years we’ve ramped up support and product development to be even more customer-focused. We love getting into the details, helping our customers learn LabStats software and apply it to their business problems. 

Whether that’s a video chat to walk through how to pull a specific report, a quick phone call to resolve an error message, or an extended partnership to dig into the data and help you reach your budget goals every step of the way. Find out how LabStats can work for your school by scheduling a walkthrough.