Why Use Cloud-Based Lab Monitoring Software

Want to know what’s happening in your university computer labs, but concerned about security, staff time and added costs?

There are two options- using an on premise software program, or a cloud-based program. LabStats offers both solutions, but we highly recommend choosing a cloud-based computer lab monitoring software.

When you use LabStats in the cloud, it’s more convenient, more reliable, safer to use, and can save you money in the process.


  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Get new features instantly and automatically
  • Faster & better support capabilities
  • No servers to setup or manage


  • World class security, privacy, and compliance
  • Real-time physical and virtual threat protection
  • Geo-redundant data backups included


  • Industry leading availability service level agreements
  • Systems monitored 24×7 by Microsoft & LabStats engineers


  • No hardware, software, or extra licensing purchases required

An on premise option of LabStats is also available for schools who are subject to specific campus IT requirements.

Are you considering a computer lab monitoring software for your university computer lab? Schedule a walkthrough to see how LabStats software can work for your school.

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