Why Universities Should Track Student Computer Usage

February 21, 2019 |  Data
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Tracking computer usage is about more than saving money, you can also improve the student experience and increase IT department efficiency.

LabStats computer lab monitoring software tracks how students use computers in colleges and universities. Streamlining campus IT and improving student experiences are just some of the benefits of tracking hardware and software usage.

Get the data you need to make decisions

  • Track usage trends on computers and software
  • Verify labs are the right size and there are not wait lines or hardware that is rarely used
  • Get hard data verification of ADA resource usage
  • Determine the most or least used computers when deciding which ones to keep

Increase IT department efficiency

  • Establish focused refresh schedules, so you always know which computers are up for replacement
  • Track usage patterns to establish efficient tech support staff hours
  • Set lab availability hours on usage patterns (avoid open empty labs)

Maximize IT budget

  • Ensure budget dollars aren’t wasted on unused software (purchase the minimum number of software licenses without sacrificing service levels)
  • Streamline similar software packages (no need to pay for 3 CAD packages if only 1 is used)

Improve student experience (and avoid complaints)

  • Ensure that the resources students need are available
  • Make ADA resources easier to find to improve compliance and meet student needs

To learn more about tracking student and faculty computer usage, schedule a walkthrough.

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