5 Tips to Prepare Your Computer Labs for Fall

August 19, 2020 |  Product, Remote Access, Students
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Make the transition back to campus as smooth, safe, and successful as possible.

As colleges and universities prepare to reopen for fall semester, instruction formats are changing at breakneck speeds. Whether you’re returning to a socially distanced campus, preparing for an online semester, or making a quick switch to plan B, you can keep your students connected to campus computers with remote access.

Tips for returning to socially distanced computer labs:

1. Set up your Remote Access Dashboard before the semester starts.

The Remote Access Dashboard enables students to access campus computers from the comfort and safety of their homes. With the click of a button, students can see which campus computers are available in real-time and remote into those computers using their login credentials. If you’re a customer and haven’t gotten your Remote Access Dashboard set up yet, go to the Lab Tools tab and select “Remote Access” to get started. And if you’re not a customer but would like to see how it works in your environment, schedule a walkthrough with a member of our account executive team. 

2. Create hybrid remote access labs.

Instead of shutting down or spreading computers out across campus, you can transform your computer labs into hybrid remote access stations. Designating every other computer “remotely access only,” for example, makes it easy to keep six feet between students who opt to use computers in person without sacrificing availability. 

3. Make your dashboard available to students.

Once your dashboard is created, you’ll receive a link you can publish to give students access. Most schools choose to embed the link right on their school website. For added security, you can embed the link behind an authentication page, which requires students to use their login credentials before they can access it.

4. Let students know what options they have.

Before the semester starts, let students know what your plan is and give them access to your Remote Access Dashboard. Doing this ahead of time will give them the opportunity to get familiar with the tool and reach out with any questions before classes start. To help raise awareness, you can send out a school-wide email, stick an ad with the dashboard link on the student login page, or post about it on your school’s social media channels.

5. Monitor usage of remote and in-person stations.

Whether your students access computers in person or remotely, LabStats monitors usage the same way. If a lab has dual purposes and you’d like to compare usage between remote and in-person computers, all you need to do is adjust your groups in LabStats to account for the differences.

For more information about reconfiguring labs for social distancing, check out our recent blog post. And, if you have any questions or need a little help getting started, just let us know. As always, we’re here to help in any way we can.

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