Becoming the Budget Hero

“Find room in the budget.”

We’ve all been there. Every resource at your disposal is crucial in its own way and used for a specific purpose. With all the moving parts of your department, it can be difficult to not only decide what and where to cut, but also to justify those decisions to administration.

We’ve partnered with universities for over 15 years, and every time an IT department is faced with finding more room in the budget, this is what we recommend:

Discover where resources can be reduced or eliminated.

Understand which labs are frequented most often and which are not. A lab that is empty every afternoon does not need to stay open outside of its busy hours. In most cases, the computer that is closest to the lab monitor is the least used. Age of hardware and available software applications also affect how much a computer is used. Once you have the data on hardware and software usage, you can confidently eliminate unused resources to free up funds in your department budget.

Understand where resources can be redistributed and used to max capacity.

Seeing which labs are most often at capacity and which are not allows you to redistribute hardware where needed, which reduces the number of unused computers. If one lab is constantly busy, you might decide to reallocate computers from an underused lab to support student demand in the more popular one. Instead of requesting more resources off the bat, learn where you can pull from within your existing inventory.

Find and eliminate unused software licenses.

If 50 of your computers have an expensive software license, like Mathematica, but you notice that a maximum of 20 are ever used at a given time, you might decide to only renew 20 licenses and use the extra money on something students will actually use.

With LabStats computer lab monitoring software, you can easily find the drains and pains on your budget to redistribute resources when necessary. Who doesn’t love a little data to backup a decision?

Stop Guessing and Start Saving Today