July 9, 2019 | LabMaps, Students

Helping Students Find Tech on Campus

How do you help students find open computers? Check out how these 10 schools are proactively meeting student needs with LabMaps.

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LabMaps are an easy way to help students find open computers. Backed by LabStats’ real-time data, a LabMap is a custom map of a computer lab with three dynamic icons that show when a computer is available, in use or offline.

Computer Status Icons
Computer Availability Icons

LabMaps are easy to build, just drop the dynamic icons onto your floorplan or a simple drawing. You can also get creative and add software icons, study spaces and future expansion plans.

Check out these 10 examples of LabMaps made by LabStats customers.

1. Manhattan College

A clean and straightforward representation makes it easy for students to spot an open computer.

Manhattan College went a step further and used the LabStats API to build a full-featured resource called LabSeat with additional ways for students to find an open computer. 

2. Mount Royal University

Windows icons over each computer show that this is a PC lab.

Read more about how Mount Royal University uses LabStats.

3. Fashion Institute of Technology New York

The Fashion Institute of Technology used creative icons to show everything from software programs to printer stations.

4. Iowa State University

Iowa State University uses big icons and includes the identifying code for each computer, making this a dual use map for students and IT staff.

5. University of Kansas

Even with a complex layout, LabMaps can help students find an open computer.

6. University of Wisconsin

Even without table outlines, it’s easy to see where the open computers are located. You don’t need a fancy floorplan or expert design skills to create a LabMap.

7. New York University

With computers nestled in different rooms, NYU made it easy to find an available computer without wandering through every corner of the building.

8. University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore included group study areas and future expansion plans in their LabMap.

9. Utah Valley University

With a simple and clean design, Utah Valley University highlights open computers as well as printers.

10. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

This LabMap includes a simple numbering system which makes it easy for students meeting up for a group project to find a row of open computers together and plan exactly where to meet.

LabMaps are an easy way to put LabStats data to work by helping students find open computers. Looking to learn more about LabMaps or build your own?

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