How Kean University Uses LabStats

July 4, 2021 |  Case Studies
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Usage data helped Kean University make three positive changes.

Kean University was founded in 1855 and serves over 16,000 students annually. It was initially established as a teacher-education college, and even though Kean University offers a range of academic programs today, it still graduates the most teachers in the state of New Jersey.

Before LabStats, the IT team at Kean University did not have the means to inventory machines or accurately meet student demand for tech resources. Usage data helped them make three positive changes.

Redesign computer lab layouts

After reviewing LabStats’ hardware usage data, the IT team was able to understand exactly how students were using their computer labs. They decided to completely redesign the layout of their computer labs to better suit student behaviors. This resulted in increased engagement with existing lab resources.

“We redesigned the lab and put computers the way they are now after looking at how the students are using computers.”

Muhammad Hassan, Managing Assistant Director of End User Support, Kean University

Adjust computer lab schedules

The team also discovered that during certain timeframes, lab traffic was very limited. This  prompted them to adjust their computer lab schedules to better match student demand.

Resolve inventory problems

Rather than relying on guesswork or manual processes, the IT team used LabStats to identify the oldest machines. They also resolved a significant inventory problem with a simple and accurate hardware refresh process.

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