Keys to Managing Flexible Computer Labs

October 8, 2020 |  Data
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Managing both remote and in-person computer labs is not only possible, it’s necessary.

If the pandemic has made anything clear, it’s that flexibility wins. IT teams need to be able to provide in-person and remote access to computers, software needs to be accessible both on campus and at home, and everything needs to be socially distanced.

But how do you actually stay flexible?

Implement solutions that work anywhere. 

This year students are finding themselves working in a variety of locations. A particular student may attend class in person for part of the year, end up in dorm room quarantine for a few weeks and then complete their coursework at home. Changes are unpredictable and stressful, so solutions need to be quick and easy for students.

The Remote Access Dashboard gives students access to powerful computers on your campus whether they’re in class, in temporary quarantine or at home. The easy-to-use dashboard is a central access interface that displays live computer availability and allows students to connect to campus resources remotely. 

Students can use a basic laptop or Chromebook to remote into the top-of-the-line hardware your school has already invested in, and continue their coursework without missing a beat.

Track usage in real time.

LabStats monitors usage of both in-person and remote computers, so you can see when, where and how long students are using hardware and software on campus. 

Real-time reports like Peak Usage History show traffic trends, so you can see if computer labs are at or near capacity.

Knowing how your labs are used in real time can help you move computers or assign stations to be remote-only without negatively impacting the student experience. 

Publish frequent, smaller changes.

Help students quickly adapt to any changes in computer availability by publishing maps of your computer labs. LabMaps are dynamic maps that you can customize to show the location and live availability of computers in your labs.

Plan to make changes to your LabMaps any time you move a computer or change a computer lab schedule, and then publish it on kiosks around campus or your school’s website. 

LabMaps can help direct students to the least used, most socially distant labs on campus.

Pivoting to a flexible computer lab model is only possible if you have the right data and tools in place. To learn more about LabStats’ solutions to help you manage your computer labs this semester, schedule a walkthrough.

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