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September 8, 2021 |  Data
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Whether your students or faculty are using university resources on or off campus, LabStats collects software and hardware usage data automatically.

LabStats is a cloud-based monitoring software that reports back from anywhere. Whether your students or faculty are using university resources on or off campus, LabStats collects software and hardware usage data automatically. Why is this important?

Supporting Remote Students

Managing IT on university campuses is no longer as simple as purchasing computers, installing them in rooms and expecting students to come in and use them. Students are working remotely more often than ever, while using school-owned resources.

How do you support remote students with the tech they need?  

Know what students need, when they need it. Application usage reports show you what applications students are using, whether they’re on campus, at home or anywhere around the world. As long as the LabStats client is running on a machine, you can see how it’s being used and what students actually need.

We recommend using the following reports to understand how remote students use university-owned laptops:

  • Application Summary: a list of application names with the number of times each application has been launched, number of stations it’s been launched on, number of unique users, total, average and focus times, and first and last launch times. Focus time is the amount of time the application is actively used, rather than just running in the background.
  • Application Launch History: multiple reports in one: Total Usage, Launch Count, Average Session Length and Max Concurrent Usage (use the blue arrows to navigate). These reports can help you compare how similar applications are used to see if one application is gaining favor over another and can help you decide if your current license count is a good fit for actual utilization.
  • Application Usage History: utilization percentage of an application over time. This report can help you understand how an application is used over time, which is especially helpful to compare usage when classes are in session vs. on break, when campus is open vs. closed, etc.
  • Application Sessions: a non-aggregated list that shows each time an application is launched and how long it is used. This can help you identify whether expensive programs are actually being used.
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Staff and Faculty Computers

Do faculty take university-provided laptops home? LabStats lets you continue to track usage whether on or off campus. 

Often, staff are issued a desktop and a laptop and one is used all the time while the other is not. We’ve had quite a few schools have really good success in issuing a single machine to each staff member, and let them choose what type of machine they receive. They don’t purchase both anymore and the school is able to save money.

Optimize Loaner Laptops

If you loaned out laptops to students during 2020, or are maintaining a loaner program, it’s important to understand how those machines are being used. 

With LabStats, you can understand exactly how your school’s loaner laptops are being used. 

If you have the ability to remotely manage devices, you can install LabStats clients on your loaned laptops. Then, the next time a student logs in, it will update and begin transmitting usage data. If there is no activity, you’ll know that the laptop is not getting used.

You can use tags or groups to identify loaner laptops, and then run a Login History report to compare laptop to desktop usage.

Get Started

Don’t limit computer usage monitoring to just what’s on campus. Get started collecting usage data from anywhere by scheduling a walkthrough. If you already have LabStats and would like to see how you can increase off-campus monitoring, schedule a tutorial.

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