Meet Students’ Tech Needs Wherever They Are

January 5, 2021 |  Product, Remote Access, Students
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Students should be able to access campus technology from anywhere, and run powerful software on minimal hardware.

We’ve all been flexible. 2020 was the year of flexibility. 

After pivoting to fully remote classes in March, higher ed orgs implemented a full range of  return-to-campus plans and new hybrid and remote delivery solutions.

But what now?

Students’ needs have evolved over the past year. 

Computers in the classroom are not enough– students now need computers at home or a way to remote into classroom machines. Computer labs have limited capacity or are closed completely, but students still need to access the software on those machines. Many students have loaner laptops or Chromebooks, but they’re not equipped with all the software they need.

Students need more ways to stay connected and more tech resources than ever before, and your budget probably hasn’t been able to keep up. 

But with straightforward pricing, you can afford to provide remote access to every computer on campus. 

LabStats Remote Access Dashboard makes the most of what you’ve already purchased, by providing secure remote access to every machine on campus. 

Students can use the dashboard from their home computer or Chromebook to remote into the powerful machines you have on campus. Whole classrooms can be virtually full, and computer labs can be virtually open again.

There’s no need to invest in expensive app virtualization, or purchase duplicate software licenses for students who are studying remotely.

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