Quick Reporting Options for Busy IT Teams

June 30, 2022 |  BI Reports, Data
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University IT teams can invest a nominal amount of time deploying and analyzing LabStats data and still get big returns.

Higher ed IT teams are chronically short on time and managing a full list of responsibilities that rank higher or are more urgent than gathering and interpreting data.

They recognize the importance of data analysis and consequently, are willing to invest in data scientists and powerful business intelligence tools. But many CIOs and IT leaders are unable to allocate a significant amount of time to data analysis tasks. In addition, their team members can’t afford to spend time learning clumsy or complex tools, and surfacing actionable data needs to be simple and easily repeatable.

How LabStats can help:

LabStats is a lightweight, cloud-based product that’s easy to deploy campus-wide and generates quick reports in a variety of formats.

University IT teams can invest a nominal amount of time deploying the LabStats client system-wide, and start collecting usage data immediately. 

LabStats automatically monitors over 200 software applications, can be set up to track 10,000+ apps, and also covers version changes for the most common applications. Through working with thousands of universities around the world, we’ve dialed into about 80% of the software applications that most schools have in common, and we track them by default. 

IT teams can choose to configure internal LabStats report settings, export data to Power BI templates, or utilize the LabStats API to funnel data into their own data analysis tools. After this small initial investment, usage data is organized in your organization’s preferred way. 

3 Easy Ways to Review LabStats Data:

LabStats BI Portal

LabStats reports are easy to use and understand, and can be produced with just a few clicks. LabStats reports give IT teams decision-enabling data without a burdensome ongoing time investment. Settings are easy to reconfigure if you want data organized in a different way, and LabStats technical support ensures that time spent troubleshooting is minimal. 

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LabStats Power BI Dashboards

Power BI templates enable IT teams to analyze billions of events (several years worth of data) in a single report. The following report templates allow teams to manage and analyze usage data quickly:

  • Computer Usage Power BI Dashboard Template
  • Software Usage Power BI Dashboard Template
  • Computer Meta Data Power BI Dashboard Template

LabStats API

The LabStats API is a powerful system that allows communication between LabStats and customer-owned business intelligence applications and tools. The ability to connect these separate systems is incredibly powerful and allows organizations to integrate data collected by LabStats into their own systems and processes to achieve new capabilities, automate processes, and more.

New API Endpoints:

New API endpoints for LabStats historical data are now available so that IT teams can build their own analytic tools. This enables completely customizable reports, integration with Tableau, Google Data Studio, Power BI and other business intelligence tools. 

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LabStats is a cloud-based product that updates automatically, so there is no ongoing management of software updates or release versions. Time spent in LabStats is low because accessing necessary data is easy and all other common time sinks are mitigated by design.

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