Social Distancing and the Student Experience

December 7, 2020 |  Product, Remote Access, Students
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Do you have computers sitting idle due to social distancing guidelines?

You’ve managed to move computers six feet apart, facing in different directions or separated by plexiglass. You’ve limited traffic and sanitized stations to ensure that students using computer labs on your campus are safe.

So what’s the impact on the student experience?

The Student Experience has Changed

With social distancing requirements, it’s harder than ever for students to find an open computer on campus. The computer labs and classrooms they used to drop into to write papers and finish projects are now blocked off or severely limited. To many of them, it probably feels like everything on campus has changed—and not necessarily for the better.

But not all hope is lost. Increasing the space between campus computers without limiting availability just got a whole lot easier.

A RAD Solution

Created to help support colleges and universities through the Coronavirus pandemic, the Remote Access Dashboard (RAD) is a central access interface that displays live computer availability and allows students to connect to campus resources from wherever they are.

Remote Access Dashboard
Remote Access Dashboard

With the RAD, students in quarantine, learning remotely, or just wanting that same kind of on-campus lab experience from home can remote into available computers in seconds—no plexiglass or expensive virtualization upgrade involved.

Using lock screens to designate every other station “remote-only,” you can use the RAD to create sustainable hybrid computer spaces across campus so those in-between machines, unable to be used by students in person, can still be utilized by those at home. 

LabStats’ Remote Access Dashboard allows all of your students to relax, knowing they have access to the software they need anytime, anywhere.

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