Solving for Discoverability On and Off Campus

March 29, 2021 |  LabMaps, Remote Access, Students
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Help university students find the technology they need while they’re on campus and at home.

The student experience has changed. Now that classes are offered in remote and hybrid models, college students expect easy and direct access to campus technology whether they’re walking through to class or sitting on their couch at home.

LabStats provides two ways for students to discover and navigate to available computers on campus, and find and remote into available computers from their personal laptops.

On Campus


LabMaps show the live availability of computers in places where students will see them on campus: on informational kiosks, public displays or directly on your college or university website. 

LabMaps Availability Icons

Computers that are powered on and connected to the internet are represented by a green icon, so students can quickly see how many computers are available in a given lab, and where in the room they’re located.

As soon as a student logs into a computer, the icon turns blue. Computers that are powered off are represented by gray icons. 

Remote Access Dashboard

Off Campus

Remote Access Dashboard

LabStats’ Remote Access Dashboard (RAD) is a dynamic broker between students studying remotely and campus computer stations.

Display available computers to your students from wherever they are: at home, in their dorm, studying abroad, or anywhere else.

The RAD allows students to access powerful campus hardware for processing-intensive work, and provides an easy way for them to connect to those computers from anywhere. 

Why Real-time Availability Matters

LabMaps and the Remote Access Dashboard all show the live availability of computers. They rely on data from the LabStats client. 

Without that data, you might as well print out a paper map of your computer labs and wish your students luck. Or email students vague instructions to connect to a VPN, only to have a dozen try to connect to the same computer. 

No other computer monitoring software provides real-time data that actually makes students’ lives easier with two ways to find available computers. 

To learn more about using LabStats throughout your campus, schedule a walkthrough.

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