Tips to Cut Software Costs in 2021

January 18, 2021 |  Budget, Data
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Students are using software differently in 2021, learn how you can cut costs while providing constant access to the applications they use most.

If you’re running into high software costs trying to make sure students have the apps they need to study both on campus and remotely, you’re not alone

Some colleges and universities are purchasing duplicate licenses so students can access software on and off campus, others are rearranging their budgets to invest in expensive app virtualization solutions.

There’s a better way.  Here are a few tips to cut software costs in 2021:

Identify maximum concurrent usage

Students are using software differently now than they did when everyone was on campus. Rather than having a full classroom or computer lab where 30 students are accessing an application at once, students are logging in and working at all hours and on different days.

Find out how many licenses are used at the same time to determine if you can reduce the number of overall licenses. 

You can do this by running an Application Launch History Report.

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Identify zero-use applications

If an application has zero launches, it could mean that students can’t find it or that students don’t want to use it. Knowing why an application isn’t being used can save thousands of dollars in licensing and be an important step in improving the student experience.

LabStats tracks when applications are launched, but you can also find applications that have not been launched within a specified time period.

Follow this video tutorial to find zero-use applications.

Optimize for discoverability 

Higher ed orgs tend to over-deploy software so that students can find it easily. However, there are ways to ensure students have access to the software they need, without over-deploying. 

LabMaps is a tool included in the LabStats software that enables you to display live maps of computer labs.  Dynamic icons indicate the live status of each computer, so students can find the computer they need faster. 

Schools that use LabMaps to direct student traffic to specific labs, are able to strategically deploy software, and save on site-license solutions.

Provide flexible remote access

Students can use the Remote Access Dashboard to find and remotely connect to available campus computers, and run CPU-heavy applications on minimal hardware. 

The dashboard is included with LabStats computer lab monitoring software at no additional cost, so you can keep students connected to campus resources without weighing down your budget.

Over 400 higher ed orgs have already launched the Remote Access Dashboard to make the software they have on campus available to students everywhere, and thousands of universities around the world use LabStats to optimize their IT budgets. Schedule a walkthrough to see how much you could be saving with LabStats.

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