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February 12, 2019 |  Budget
1 min

Hear the University of Texas El Paso’s experience using LabStats in a recent webinar.

This webinar discusses the the University of Texas El Paso’s (UTEP) real-life applications of LabStats and its positive effects on UTEP’s IT department.

This webinar focuses on 4 main how-to’s LabStats can help with:

  1. How to optimize your computer labs to maximize resources
  2. How to allocate restricted budgets
  3. How to collaborate across departments
  4. How to publish live availability of resources

Lizette Gameros, Director of Support Services in the Technology Support Department, explains UTEP’s experience using LabStats. Some of the needs and challenges they were facing include:

  • Understanding the Lab Environment: Accurate lab and application usage
  • Reporting and Analysis: Efficiently gather and present data
  • Resource Optimization: Allocation of funds with a restrictive budget
  • Lab Management Facilitation: Collaboration with labs managed by external departments

She then explains their use of the Login Summary by Group report and the Application Summary report. These reports have helped her and her team in multiple ways from creating consistency between labs to reducing excess costs from unused software licenses.

After Lizette’s presentation, Tyler Jacobson walks through some more aspects of LabStats not previously covered:

  • Focus Reports: Making strategic and focused decisions to allocate resources
  • Tags: Identifying aspects of hardware and software
  • LabMaps: Live information about where computers are available

He explains what these features can do and how they can be customized for your experience. When LabStats is customized for your specific needs and challenges, you make the best use of your limited money, time, and resources.

For any questions, schedule a walkthrough.

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