What is an API?

“API” stands for Application Programming Interface. If that doesn’t make things crystal clear, read on.

Think of an API like a bridge. It allows information to travel from one piece of software to another. You’ve likely used services that rely on APIs, without even knowing it. For instance, hotel booking sites use APIs to collect room details and rates from different hotels, and then show you the best deals all in one place.

An API acts as a bridge

APIs make it possible for separate computer programs or services to “talk to” each other, making it possible to automate certain tasks such as the exporting of data. APIs can also increase security by controlling access to shared data through a stable, standardized platform.

What can the LabStats API do?

The LabStats API makes it possible to share LabStats data with other software programs. You can share station, application, user and schedule data with software and websites you already use. For example, you can use the API to share data with your accounting software, inventory management software and business intelligence tools.

LabStats Data Categories:

  • Stations
  • Applications
  • Users
  • Schedules

Share LabStats Data with:

  • Accounting software
  • Inventory management
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Student facing websites & applications

With the LabStats API, you can do custom data analysis, sync your scheduling system with LabStats data, and see inventory and purchasing info side by side with usage data.

Improve Student Experience with the API

You can also use the new LabStats API to improve the student experience. Many schools have built custom websites, mobile apps and electronic displays to show students computer availability in real time, in the apps they already use.

Manhattan College used the API to access data from their LabStats instance, and built a custom platform called “LabSeat.” LabSeat showcases real time availability of computers on campus through charts and maps.

Manhattan College LabSeat, powered by the LabStats API
Computer availability at Manhattan College

Next steps

APIs are fairly simple to use, and developing a tool based on an API is a great project for student workers or summer interns. Check out the best practices and testing sandboxes to learn more.

API Usage Best Practices

How to Use the LabStats API

Documentation and Testing Sandboxes

North America: https://api.labstats.com

Australia, New Zealand, & Asia: https://sea-api.labstats.com

Europe: https://weu-api.labstats.com

What will your team build with the new LabStats API?

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