How Manhattan College Uses LabStats API

May 23, 2019 |  API, Case Studies, Product, Students
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Manhattan College used the LabStats API to build a custom platform called “LabSeat.” LabSeat showcases real time availability of computers on campus through charts and maps.

Manhattan College sought to improve the student experience by making computers on campus easier to find.

Information Technology Services (ITS) at Manhattan College manages 15 computer labs with more than 450 computers across campus. ITS needed a way to communicate computer availability to students in real time.

ITS used the API to access data from their LabStats instance, and built a custom platform called “LabSeat.” LabSeat showcases real time availability of computers on campus through charts and maps.

LabSeat at Manhattan College, powered by LabStats API

The charts show the percentage of use of each lab in color coded bars. Green bars highlight availability, while yellow bars indicate the lab is 75% full. Classroom labs, open labs, and kiosks are all represented.

Charts showing real time availability with LabStats API

LabSeat includes links to see the lab hours and classroom times.

ITS at Manhattan College also linked their custom solution to LabMaps. The map shows real-time computer availability using green, blue and gray icons that update automatically using LabStats usage data.

LabMap at Manhattan College

LabMaps is a feature included with LabStats software, while “LabSeat” is a custom solution developed using the LabStats API.

LabSeat and LabMaps have improved the student experience at Manhattan College. Students who are working on group projects can find labs with a row of available computers so they can study together. Students looking for a lively environment to work can find a busy lab, while those looking for a quiet study space can find a lab with that’s less busy. This is especially helpful during midterms and finals.

“LabSeat is especially useful when it’s time for finals and you need to find a good studying spot in the computer labs.”

Anita McCarthy

Three years after its launch, LabSeat is still showing value. LabSeat was recently showcased in a Virtual Technology Showcase, which highlights ways technology can improve students’ daily experiences at Manhattan College.

This is just one of the many things you can do with the LabStats API. To learn more, schedule a walkthrough.

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