Finishing the Semester Early or Online

November 12, 2020 |  Product, Remote Access, Students
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Don’t give up on finishing the semester strong; send students home with remote access to campus resources.

After a rocky start to the fall semester, the holidays are bringing a whole new set of challenges to higher education. 

Students are facing shortened semesters with crammed schedules. Colleges are increasing COVID-19 testing before Thanksgiving and introducing stricter travel restrictions for students. Some universities are switching back and finishing the semester online. 

Whatever your school’s situation looks like, now is the time to pause and strategize so your students have everything they need to finish the semester off strong.

Remote Access on the Fly

The Remote Access Dashboard makes campus computers and software available to students wherever they are. Students can use their laptops or Chromebooks to find and remotely log into campus computers to take tests or finish up projects. They can even run CPU-heavy programs remotely, making it easy to finish up their courses online without needing to purchase a better laptop or expensive software.

Remote Access Dashboard on a laptop

If you already have LabStats computer lab monitoring installed on campus computers, the Remote Access Dashboard is quick and easy to set up. Get started by just checking a box and selecting the computer labs you want to make available to students. 

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Avoid Budget Delays

With just a few weeks until the holidays, you can’t afford to run into budget delays. The Remote Access Dashboard is available to LabStats customers at no cost, so you won’t have to deal with additional requests and wait for approvals. 

If you don’t have LabStats yet, it’s priced affordably so you can start seeing value quickly and your students can start connecting to the campus resources they need to finish the semester off strong.

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